Learn how companies can deliver the wellness support employees need, now and in the future.

Well-being in the Workplace: Productivity & Community in a Post-COVID World


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Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.

51% of employees at companies without wellness programs said they intend to leave their job the following year.

— American Psychological Association


COVID-19 changed the world of work as we know it. Open-plan offices and shared workspaces have been replaced with a necessity to work from home, and teams that once gathered to share ideas and embark on team-building exercises on-site are having to pivot their attention to initiatives remotely.

But while coronavirus has changed the layout and dynamic of the workplace, we're left with questions about how to approach wellbeing today and going forward.

You will learn:  The state of wellbeing in 2021
 What makes a good wellbeing program
 Wellbeing looking ahead in a post-COVID workplace
 What this means for wellbeing programs today

What will you learn?