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For more engaged and productive employees, Bright is your one-stop for hair, nails, massage, and dry cleaning.

Lifestyle Services, Delivered to the Office.

Welcome your employees back to work in style.

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Self-care is a priority, not a luxury.

Organizations with highly effective health and productivity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee, 1/8 fewer days absent per employee per year, and 28% greater shareholder returns.

— Buffet National Wellness Survey


For most employees, life outside of work is crammed into small appointments, leaving little time for anything else. By bringing those appointments to you, Bright delivers true balance between work and life.

We began as an on-site hair and beauty company and over the course of three years, we’ve learned that people put tremendous value on the time they save not having to travel to the salon and that it ‘just feels good to look good.’

  • Flexible, simple, no-fuss scheduling that work for all employee
  • Clean up guaranteed. If it wasn’t for your colleague’s fresh haircut, you wouldn’t even know we’d been there.

Get more life done at work.

Beauty and LifeStyle


  • Haircuts and Styling
  • Manicures
  • Make-Up Application

On-site services


  • Dry Cleaning Pick-up/Drop-off
  • Shoe Shining
  • Massage

Coming September 1, 2020

Hair, Nails, and Massage

On-Site Plans

Employee Paid

Partial Subsidy

Company Paid

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started

Services are 100% paid for by the client.

Discounts are available based on frequency of visits.

The client and their employer split the cost of services.

Best value.

The employer covers the cost of appointments for their team.

No cost to the client (except for optional add-ons and gratuities).

* Employer pays difference if minimum appointment numbers not met

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Bundle on-site and virtual plans and save up to 20%

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