You deserve more time for you.

Daily Break sends short class suggestions to the free space in your calendar so you can fit a wellness break into your workday and still get stuff done.

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Get reminded to get up and move

You work smarter and feel better when you make time for self-care. But prioritizing your wellness at work is easier said than done. With Daily Break, you’ll get quick reminders to help you show up for yourself and make it happen every day.

Save time on finding classes to fit your schedule

Take the guesswork out of trying to schedule a break into your workday. Daily Break suggestions are sent straight to the gaps in your calendar — which makes booking classes fast and effortless.

Beat burnout & overwhelm in minutes

Best way to avoid burning out at work? Add in shorter but more frequent breaks throughout your day. Each Daily Break class suggestion is between 7-15 minutes in length (the exact amount of time experts recommend).

How It Works

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Choose the classes you like taking best

Get a Daily Break added to your calendar’s free time

Why People Love Daily Break

My weekly streak is as high as it has been this year and I have another class scheduled for me this week, so I will probably beat my current standing record in a given week. Pretty awesome! The part I’m most stoked about is that I didn’t have to book them myself or get invites from a colleague. Bright already knew."

— Jared P.

It’s great seeing my teammates in the calendar invite that was sent! For me, this will definitely help with accountability and help me show up!"

— Stephen V.

Today I booked a 7-minute Neck and Shoulders reset class not part of Daily Break - but inspired by it. I saw other breaks scheduled for me later in the week, and knew I missed one yesterday, so it inspired me to book a class and attend today."

— Heather W.

I love the fact that I didn’t need to fiddle with my calendar and sign up for each class, adding it to the calendar. This takes time and for me, I can be indecisive when faced with some many options in the booking page."

— Taylor M.

Frequently asked questions

What is Daily Break and how does it connect with my calendar?

Daily Break sends a short class suggestion (between 7-15 minutes) each day to fit easily into your workday schedule. When you turn Daily Break on, varied class suggestions will be added to the free time periods in your calendar.

How do I turn on Daily Break?

You can manage your Daily Break settings by visiting the Settings tab of your account.

Do I have to integrate my calendar?

No, you can still turn on Daily Break and get a class suggested to your calendar but it won’t be based on your availability. For customers who have the option to integrate their calendar, we recommend doing so, as it helps reduce any potential conflict with existing meetings or other time blocks.

How does Bright decide what kind of Daily Break I should take?

When you sign up for Daily Break, you’ll be asked what kind of classes you’re interested in taking the most. Bright uses these preferences to make relevant suggestions.

What if I don’t like the Daily Break chosen for me?

Each Daily Break calendar event includes a link to help you choose a break that is a better fit. Click the link, and you’ll be taken to a list of alternative classes that fit your schedule. We’ve also designed the Daily Break recommendation engine to improve over time — the more you use it, the better Breaks it will suggest!

When you add a Daily Break to my calendar does that mean the class has been booked?

No. Think of Daily Break as a suggestion. Bright adds these class suggestions into your schedule as a calendar event with a booking link. You’re not obligated to follow through with booking the class and you can easily delete or ignore the event if it doesn’t work for you.

I’m an Outlook user – can I turn off the email I get when a Daily Break is added to my calendar?

Any time a calendar event is created in Outlook an email is sent. Unfortunately, this feature can’t be disabled, but it’s possible to set up a filtering rule to send these events directly to a specific folder.

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