At Bright, we operate by a set of eight core values.

And these aren’t just words buried on our website, our entire team lives and breathes these values every single day. Whether it's making a big company decision or hiring a new teammate, decision making always comes back to these values.

They help ensure we are all working towards the same common goal, and share a bigger purpose beyond ourselves. But there is one value that stands tall amongst the rest: self-care. With the hustle and bustle of life, and what seems like a never-ending to-do list, our entire team is encouraged to practice self-care every day.

And through our on-site and virtual services, we work tirelessly to help our partners and clients do the same.

1. Self Care

(do it. start now):
if you aren’t at 100%, the company isn’t at 100%. Make sure to take care of yourself so that you can be healthy, happy, and productive - and remind your teammates to do the same.

2. Communicate More

(ask. listen. empathize):
pick up the phone or take someone to coffee. Talk it out. Be transparent. Look for win/win solutions. Forget office politics. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Don’t judge - be kind. No one is above the betterment of the team.

3. Problems are Opportunities

(be positive):
challenges are blessings in disguise and opportunities to improve. Use them as fuel and the insight needed to find a solution. The obstacle is the way.

4. We Are One Team

(one for all):
everyone - no matter their role - is important and matters. We’re all working together - across countries  - to meet the needs of our customers and help our company win.

5. Customer Driven

(put the customer first):
we take the time to listen and understand our customers. We exist to solve their problems. Always sweat the details to make the Bright experience an unforgettable one.

6. If it Matters, Measure it

(data informs our decisions):
use data to track your performance, help guide your decisions, and remove bias. Experiment and measure to learn. Use what you’ve learned to help make your case for improvements.

7. Have Fun

If it’s not fun anymore, it’s not worth it. We aren’t just co-workers, we’re friends. Startups can be hard; so don’t forget to have a laugh and enjoy the journey!

8. Be Gritty

As a startup, our job is to grow fast. It's up to all of us to find ways to make that happen by taking initiative, thinking creatively, and getting things done.

If you use the values above to inform your decision you will never be wrong.